You’re probably thinking, “What the ever-livin’ heck is the deal with the “Grandma” thing?”.
And I get it, I really do.
But we think a little differently here, and that means we tend to attract awesome human beings just like you who either already think and vibe differently, or really want to… and just need a place to call ‘home’ on the Interwebz where they can be supported to do exactly that.
When the phenomenal Anneliese McKay pitched in on a challenge we ran a while back and said this ‘Grandma’ thing, I gotta confess, I was blown away, because what she said is precisely what Simon & I wanted to create with the SU Community.
Here’s what Anneliese said,
“Hello, beautiful SU Crew. So, why am I in this Community?
In my toughest of times, last year, this group helped me out enormously.
I got on an implementation call with Dino.
And I was really stuck. I’d been incredibly sick and my income hadn’t dropped, but I could see it dropping if I didn’t kickstart stuff into action.

And I just had like this inertia for six weeks; it was horrid.
But within five minutes of the call, Dino totally snapped me out of it.
He’s incredible.
And I’ll always be grateful for that.
It’s like that human connection, which is what SU gives you – it’s just priceless.
I think the SU Crew… it’s a bit like your Grandma. Like, you don’t see her all the time.
You know that you should, but you can’t because Life gets in the way.
But equally, you know that she’s there for you – 100%, when you need her the most.
And I think, for me, that sums up the SU Crew brilliantly:
Honest, reliable, there for you no matter what.
For me, the SU Crew is exactly what a Community should be. Like, if you need people, they are there for you. They don’t judge you. You can literally go in whenever you need anything and there’s always a helping hand… loving, kind, accepting, authentic.
And that is why I joined, and why I’m still here.”
Well! How cool 😎 was that??


Like what you hear? Feel the pull to check out our gathering of fabulous humans and see if this really is the gem of a place that Anneliese feels it is?
Great! Click here and I’ll give you a little gift on the next page for sticking with us this far.
I’m really looking forward to getting to know you better.
PS Click through to the next page to hear from more of the SU Crew and pick up that ‘Thank You’ gift I mentioned.

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